Training and Consultancy Services

CrisisVR for all your crisis training and support needs


The team at CrisisVR have significant experience of delivering complex programmes of crisis management, emergency response and business continuity. Our work for many years has been conducted face-to-face for international clients.

CrisisVR offers a full range of traditional training and support services either delivered one-to-one, in a group environment or online (Live!).

  • Training
  • Exercises and drills
  • Planning
  • Debriefs and facilitation

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Online Training

The entire team involved in the exercise and training were able to take a huge benefit of the time you spent with us.

Quality Manager, DC Aviation Al Futtaim

Training Suggestions

CrisisVR prepares single or multi-training programmes specific to match your training objectives. Examples of training delivered to international clients include:

  • Crisis Management Team and Crisis Leadership
  • Deployment team management (working in field environments)
  • Logistical support for crisis operations
  • Operations in a Crisis Management Centre
  • Communicating in a crisis
  • Response and recovery operations in a multi-agency environment

Exercises and Drills

CrisisVR provides all types of exercises: table-top discussions, small-team rehearsals, tests of specific procedures, complex multi-agency simulations.

Crisis Management Planning

CrisisVR will support your programme of developing crisis and emergency plans and procedures. We have built complex multi-market and multi-region plans ‘from scratch’ with major international brands. At the other end of the scale, we also routinely audit plans of smaller operations to make sure they are immediately useful.

Business Continuity

CrisisVR has supported hotel groups, airports and airlines to develop new BC programmes including BIAs, BC plans and BC tests. We manage all parts of the programme and prepare templates and guidance to sustain the work when we leave. MORE INFORMATION.

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“THANK YOU – for running a professional exercise, the likes of which have not been seen at this company before.”

Head of Special Projects, Major International Brand
Civil Emergency