About CrisisVR

CrisisVR is a unique training service that enables learners to prepare for crisis situations using virtual simulations.

Meet the CrisisVR team

Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen

Director and Course Development

Jerry is widely known as an international authority on crisis management, emergency response and recovery. His military background and later careers with IATA and a global disaster management company, has given Jerry the skills, knowledge and experience to assist companies to be prepared for crisis. Jerry has worked extensively for international clients delivering training programmes, complex exercises and plan reviews.  He believes that modern e-learning programmes fill the gap in the training market, making key-skill development more accessible to greater numbers.  Jerry is a lecturer in Crisis Management at City University, London and Director of Return on Development.

Dom Bernard

Dom Bernard

Co-founder and Head of Technical

Prior to VirtualSpeech, Dom worked at Jaguar Land Rover in their virtual reality department, working on large scale VR and AR projects. Since then, he founded VirtualSpeech, aimed at providing a more realistic way to practice business and soft skills. The VirtualSpeech app has been downloaded by more than 200,000 people worldwide.

Tom Garner

Tom Garner


Tom Garner has over 10 years experience working within the Crisis Management industry. This includes real-world experience responding to and supporting major Aviation and Hospitality crisis events. Tom is currently the Managing Director of Delphic HSE Ltd, a specialist safety and compliance company for the international cosmetics industry.

John Bailey

John Bailey

Senior Associate

John has provided crisis communications consultancy and training for more than 60 aviation clients, including airlines, airports and manufacturers. He has also worked on crisis programmes for hospitality groups and for major multinationals in diverse industries. John previously worked with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) where he played a pivotal role in developing “best practice” in crisis communications for the global airline industry. He has been involved in the response to several major aviation incidents and is a regular speaker on crisis communications at conferences around the world, including at the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Training Center.

Work with CrisisVR

Unrivalled experience in international crisis management consultancy.

Team with multiple experiences of supporting real crisis events.

Trusted by major international companies.

Cost effective.

Live, online and e-learning training options.

Where it all started

The genesis of CrisisVR –
or Analogue meets Digital

As independent consultants, we trained ‘the old way’. Simply described, it was the traditional menu of training room, students, instructor and some form of visual aids.

And then things became boring.

‘Bullets’ of information and bouncing title slides added to the variety but reduced student interest. Quality suffered.

The other inescapable trend for crisis management training was the pressure of budgets. The cost of centrally assembling students and trainers, often from many different countries was eye-watering. The option for companies was to reduce the number of students or the frequency of training. Quality suffered.

Our response was to think differently about training. Some topics and some groups require the traditional training approach and we still provide this option. But other topics and special teams could benefit from emerging technology to improve quality and increase numbers of trained staff while reducing costs.

We were introduced to VirtualSpeech, a small company delivering high-quality immersive training without either the student or the instructor travelling further than their coffee machine.

Crisis Management Training Team

An idea was born. We argued over which crisis and emergency key-skills could be taught in a virtual environment. Our conclusions were startling. Core learning can be achieved successfully by any individual (consider the number of degrees earned largely by home study). By using advanced technology, we have also synthesised group-work. If you can’t go to the group, let the group come to you, in your own room, in your own time, as many times as you like.

Welcome to CrisisVR!

We collaborate with our technical partner, VirtualSpeech Ltd, and with expert consultants who help to build the rich training experiences.

Our Partners

Return on Development

Return on Development

Providing expert consultancy services for business growth, crisis management and business resilience.

Virtual Speech

Learn fundamental communication and business skills through our online classes, which include video-based tutorials and case studies.

Virtual Speech

"The Virtual reality really helps you to experience attitudes, emotions, places and situations that are difficult to replicate in normal training."

John Bailey – Experienced Crisis Communications Professional
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