Computer Based Training and Virtual Reality

CrisisVR is a unique training service that enables learners to prepare for crisis situations using virtual simulations

Business Continuity Services

CrisisVR offers crisis management training using Virtual Reality simulations. We combine our experience from real-world crisis events with state-of-the-art technology. CrisisVR delivers crisis management training courses at the pace and convenience of the learner. Students will benefit from being immersed into crisis scenarios and practicing their response, bringing them face-to-face with Crisis.

Advantages of VR Crisis Training:

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom training
  • Train large numbers of staff without the need for complicated scheduling
  • Learners work at their optimum pace for a quality training experience
  • VR simulations add realistic role-play exercises

How it works:

CrisisVR builds e-learning (CBT) crisis management training courses. Many of the courses would not require VR simulations. Some courses, however, are perfect for including VR simulations that enhance the training experience. Typically, courses with VR are those where students require to practice their interactions with other people or complex situation.

Training Courses – Examples:

  • Explain the company’s crisis management programme (great for colleague awareness)
  • Joining the Crisis Management Team – activation, procedures, responsibility
  • Crisis communication – spokesperson Includes VR Simulations
  • Post-incident family support (suitable for Special Assistance Teams) Includes VR simulations
  • Working in the Crisis Management Centre – procedures, roles
  • Special-team training (fire marshals, security, Go-Team)
  • Administrative support for the crisis team – logkeeping, information management, logistics
  • Business continuity – conducting BC tests (and many other BC ‘how-to’ topics)
Business Continuity Services
Business Continuity Services

e-Learning (CBT) Courses can include:

  • Company branding, images, locations
  • Company terminology, procedures and policy statements
  • Audio/video interactions with company leadership
  • Virtual Reality or Web-based Simulations
  • Interactive quizzes or compulsory tests

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Excellent delivery, really thought provoking and informative. A genuinely very, very useful two days.

West Midlands Police

“This was the best course we have received. Jerry’s experience and stories brought the training to life. He was brilliant at adapting the content to suit his audience.”

West Midlands Police