Travel Safety

Mar 15, 2021

Travel, who remembers travel?  

Precious adventures to foreign cities, exotic markets and shimmering glacial lakes have been replaced with walks around the village, visits to the local farm-shop and gazing at ducks on the pond.

But travel will return and we all need to be ready.  

A lot has changed in the last year: experienced business and leisure travellers are out of practice while new groups of travellers are renewing passports and determining ambitious plans.  The demand is strong and travel will surge once borders reopen.

But what hasn’t changed?  More than ever we live in uncertain times and our personal safety and the safety of those we care for or are responsible for is paramount.  Safety is not just a series of measures, it is also a feeling, a growing confidence that we can kick-back and enjoy our vacation or be at our most business productive.

  • Do you have your travel-safe checklists?  
  • Have you packed just for the beach or with one thought of security?  
  • What details of your trip have you left with others?  
  • What support do you have from your company travel manager?
  • Is the company travel policy consistent with current risks?

At CrisisVR, we have combined countless years of travel experience with the knowledge of travel-safe professionals to provide a contemporary e-learning focused on starting safe and staying safe.

Watch your emails.  In a couple of weeks we will launch the CrisisVR Travel Safety short course.

Expect a chronological journey from trip planning through to your safe return, threatened by nothing more than sunburn.

This is a course suitable for new or experienced travellers, business or leisure.  

Corporate clients wanting to discuss your own bespoke and branded version, please contact us

April is Recovery Month at CrisisVR

Spring is in the air and this signifies change.  At CrisisVR we have also changed, or rather adjusted to client demand.  Our next venture was to be the Business Continuity ‘How To’ series but this will be held for a few weeks while we complete the roll out of Recovery e-learning.  Aimed squarely at business and people recovery following an emergency, we want to support a phased but determined approach.

Watch this space! 

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