Training Courses

CrisisVR is a pioneering training service that enables students to manage crisis situations using a Virtual Reality environment.

CrisisVR provides e-learning training courses:

  • Individual students for the generic courses – follow ‘Find out More’ and then ‘Enrol Now’
  • Corporate clients to tailor the generic courses or prepare new courses – Contact CrisisVR

Current Courses

Crisis Communications Training Course

Crisis Communications

Prepare for your role as a front-line spokesperson for your company. This module is a fundamental introduction to the concepts of Crisis Communications and the delivery of bad news; this is not PR. Learn the skills from experts then practice for yourself in VR.

Special Assistance Care Training Course

Special Assistance Team Member – Supporting Families and Victims

Use CrisisVR to prepare your teams to support people directly impacted by crisis or loss. This course will help you understand the expectations of those affected and the skills to interact at times of great stress.

Travel Safety Security Training Course

Travel Safety

A training course for everyone and for the modern age. This course will help you prepare for your next journey, business or pleasure. In chronological order, the training will help you to be safe at all stages of your journey. What to pack, documentation, airport and destination advice, what to do in an emergency.

Business Continuity Training Courses

Business Continuity – The ‘How To’ Series

At CrisisVR we have broken down the practices and procedures of Business Continuity into bite-sized pieces of practical step-by-step guides. This Series includes instruction, worked examples and templates of Business Impact Appraisals, BC Plans, BC Tests, Vulnerability Assessments and Company communications.

Coming Soon and Special Order

Crisis Management Response Team Training Courses

Response Teams

Using CrisisVR to help organise and prepare your front-line Response Teams in the event of a crisis. Drawing on real-world experience, this training will teach staff about how to prepare, what to expect and management of priorities.

COMING SOON. A generic version of this course is in development. If you require a customised version for your company, please contact us.

Crisis Management Centre Training Courses

Command and Control

Using CrisisVR to exercise key roles in the operational control centers at both the company headquarters and the incident site location. This training will help you understand responsibilities, key tasks, setting priorities, information management and Centre organisation.

COMING SOON. A generic version of this course is in development. If you require a customised version for your company, please contact us.

"The Virtual reality really helps you to experience attitudes, emotions, places and situations that are difficult to replicate in normal training."

John Bailey – Experienced Crisis Communications Professional
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