Online Emergency Exercises – Avoiding the Pitfalls

Mar 8, 2021

A 4-hour online emergency exercise for 50 participants in 4 specialist groups that must include a rapidly changing scenario, social media feeds and an inclusive debrief.  Easy!  

This was the task.  Except it was far from easy.  The keys to success were:

  • detailed planning (including, ‘what if it goes wrong’, which it did!)
  • role rehearsals for the exercise control team
  • exhaustive technical rehearsals

If you want to read more about this experience and the lessons learned, see our LinkedIn article on virtual exercises.

CrisisVR e-learning Course Spotlight

Victims and Families – training for those who care for others

This e-learning course (VR is optional) is specifically to allow individuals and companies to meet the surge demand we spoke of earlier in this newsletter and to provide key-skill training to SAT members.  

Read more here

The training is about 2.5 hours and covers the essential elements of SAT preparedness.  The videos, case studies and lessons are presented chronologically from preparation to notification, deployment and recovery.

Coming in March

Later this month we launch our CrisisVR Travel Safety Course.

The individual e-learning option will be available to download direct from our website .  Newsletter subscribers will be told of the date of launch.  

This training is specifically targeted at the travel industry, perhaps to be offered to your travelling customers as a sales incentive or to your staff as duty-of-care.  Companies wanting a bespoke course including your company travel policies and branding should contact us at least 3 weeks before your training deadline.

The essential course for leisure or business travellers includes the following phases:

  • Preparation – research, documentation, pack for safety
  • Travel – not being a soft target, situational awareness
  • Arrival / Departure – time for extra vigilance, transit risks and accommodation
  • Destination – communication, local rules, actions-in-the-event-of checklists
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