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CrisisVR is a unique training service that enables learners to prepare for crisis situations using virtual simulations.


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26 July 2022

  • Personal reflections on incidents and accidents
  • Making a wrong identification
  • Resilience Stuff We Have Spotted Recently
  • I was there – IATA Risk and Insurance Forum
  • The guitarist who saved hundreds of people on a sinking cruise liner

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30 March 2022

Reflections on Crisis Leadership

  • Resilience Stuff We Have Spotted in March
  • Upcoming e-learning Courses
  • Found! – Shackleton’s Lost Ship

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17 February 2022

Spring is in the Air
(or maybe the rain is warming up)

  • Book recommendation
  • Business Continuity – Observations from Recent Programmes
  • Critical Decision Making – The NASA Way
  • Travelling Solo

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12 January 2022

Happy New Year! From the editor

  • Recent Crisis Management Training – two ends of the training spectrum
  • Current e-learning courses…

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5 October 2021

Introducing VR Live

  • Introducing VR Live
  • CrisisVR and Business Continuity

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29 September 2021

Crisis VR at Securitas Technology Day

  • CrisisVR at Securitas Techology Day
  • A Third View – German Floods July 2021
  • CrisisVR at BCI World 3-4 November 2021

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8 September 2021

Reflections on an IT crisis exercise

  • Reflections on an IT crisis exercise
  • Support to Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA)
  • A new member of the CrisisVR Team

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2 September 2021

CrisisVR on the road again

  • CrisisVR on the road again
  • New CrisisVR headsets
  • A new member of the CrisisVR Team

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3 August 2021

New e-learning course – Recovery

  • New e-learning course – Recovery
  • Date for your diary – BCI WorldVirtual 2021
  • Pacific Asia Tourism Association – Support from CrisisVR

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15 June 2021

Business Continuity – Recovery

  • Business Continuity – Recovery
  • The future shape of training
  • Business Continuity Institute recognition of CrisisVR

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2 June 2021

AeroInside Magazine interview

  • AeroInside magazine interview
  • CrisisVR at the Annual Business Continuity Awards of BCI Europe
  • Recovery Course announcement

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18 May 2021

Travel Safety Special Edition

  • Travel Safety Course announcement
  • BCI Europe Awards 2021
  • Recovery Course announcement

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12 May 2021

We are on the shortlist!

  • BCI Europe Awards shortlist announced
  • Travel Safety Course – review by Travel Magazines

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5 May 2021

KISS – Keep it Simple, Safety! Lessons from the flight deck

  • KISS
  • CrisisVR Traing Course update

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20 April 2021

What does a Crisis Management team do?

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7 April 2021

Training, who needs training?

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25 March 2021

Tragic incidents and their impact enduring personal impact

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17 March 2021

Travel, who remembers travel?

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9 March 2021

Online Emergency Exercises – Avoid the pitfalls

  • Online Emergency Exercises – Avoid the pitfalls
  • CrisisVR e-learning Course Spotlight
  • CrisisVR Travel Safety Course announcement

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3 March 2021

Feeding the training beast – surge demand

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16 February 2021

Introduction to Jerry Allen

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20 March 2019

The next generation of Crisis Management Training

  • Sponsoring the IATA Emergency Planning Forum
  • Real-World crisis experience
  • Offering a range of Training Courses
  • Training Highlight – Crisis Communications
  • Book you demo

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"CrisisVR provides remote training at the pace and convenience of the student. Students will benefit from being immersed into a crisis scenario and practicing their response."

Tom Garner Co-founder, CrisisVR

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