Feeding the training beast – surge demand

Mar 2, 2021

Many companies are considering their training targets and how many people can be trained in 2021 with shrinking budgets.  

Certainly, for crisis management and business continuity, it is likely that you have a current backlog of staff who are either new and have not received initial training or existing staff who have not completed refresher training.  So how are you going to manage that?

Think differently about training

The 190 delegates of CrisisConf2018, asked about the challenges to training, concluded the following:

  • Imbalance – too much emphasis on senior team (CMT) at the expense of front-line staff
  • Insufficient definition of core-skills
  • Training too general – too many topics in one session

One way to meet the surge demand is to deliver only the training that is really important, to the people who really need it, and leave the theory of crisis for another day.  

Concentrate on the ‘how to’ subjects.  Train people to walk towards the problem, not waste time debating it.

Economies of scale: collaborate in training with other companies in the same space as you, certainly for those core skills.

Think differently about delivery

At CrisisVR, we embrace traditional as well as contemporary, especially for delivery.  For the surge requirement, it is not efficient to cram dozens of colleagues into a training classroom.  Consider instead, online training or e-learning.  Spice it up a bit with Q&A clinics, VR online meetings or VR practice simulations.  Build the delivery package you want, for the numbers you need to train, at the price you can afford.  Time is money to training providers.  An e-learning, built in 5 days can train limitless numbers of people with minimum scheduling challenges. Online training, while still economic, will see a reduced trained number compared to e-learning.  Classroom training is by far the most expensive per-head mechanism of training and should be reserved to those teams that need specialist support.

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