CrisisVR is a unique training service that enables learners to prepare for crisis situations using virtual simulations.

How does it work?

CrisisVR is an e-learning and traditional training provider. E-learning courses are accessed online. The learner controls the pace of the course. The courses use film, pictures, narrative and quizzes.  Some courses use Virtual Reality or Web-based Simulations.  For Virtual Reality modules, learners wear a VR headset (provided by the learner).

I have a training programme, where does CrisisVR fit in this programme?

CrisisVR offers cost-effective training that has not previously been available. Traditional classroom training is very important for certain groups but often it is unavailable to front-line staff because of budget, logistics or time constraints. CrisisVR allows students to train at a pace that suits their work schedule without the need to travel. Companies using CrisisVR can target large groups of staff for training without the need for detailed scheduling and with the quality assurance that all staff are trained to the same consistent standard.

What equipment will I need?

All e-learning courses require access to a laptop or PC.  For VR modules, most modern VR headsets and compatible with our courses.  You should check the equipment required with CrisisVR before enrolling on a course with VR modules.

What languages are available?

Currently the courses are available only in English. Any of our courses are available to special order in other languages.

Still have questions?

"The Virtual reality really helps you to experience attitudes, emotions, places and situations that are difficult to replicate in normal training."

John Bailey – Experienced Crisis Communications Professional
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