Victim and Family Assistance

Special Assistance Team

In Virtual Reality you will:

  • Meet with family members in an emotionally charged environment
  • Experience a Family Assistance Centre
  • Assist distressed family members and deliver important information

Sometimes called Carers, CARE Teams and Support Teams, SAT members provide the crucial personal interface between the Company and affected persons (victims, families, employees). This course provides initial training for new SAT personnel and refresher training for others.

The core of the training is a chronological journey. Starting with travel to the incident site, students will practice their first encounters with family members and continue with the key skills required for assisting and supporting people during an emergency. Students will also learn about information management, self-care and the importance of their role in the overall response to an incident.

From the significant personal experience of the trainers combined with input from field-professionals in psycho-social support, this course will provide knowledge, core communication skills and an understanding of the vagaries of human emotions and needs in a crisis situation.

CrisisVR has an exclusive partnership with Virtual Speech to provide the technical support that is required to provide cutting-edge and technical service support.
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"The Virtual reality really helps you to experience attitudes, emotions, places and situations that are difficult to replicate in normal training."

John Bailey – Experienced Crisis Communications Professional

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