Training, who needs training?

Apr 14, 2021

Functional v Centralised.

Next week we are training the Administration and Logistics Support staff of a company Crisis Management Team (CMT).

Despite the current de-centralised working arrangements and related pressures, this particular company has not relaxed its commitment to preparing personnel for their role in an emergency.  As I was reminded a couple of years ago, “good crisis management training is good general management training”.

But why train the support staff separately from the rest of the CMT?  Actually, the support staff always attend CMT training and exercises.  This is supplementary training on the specific procedures of their job: information management, log keeping, maintenance of the crisis room, facilitation of briefings etc.

It is not just the support staff that require role-specific crisis training.  Other functional CMT staff and their back-office colleagues are often overlooked as companies focus more on the centralised team.  The CMT, however, would be more effective if its component parts were trained in their duties.  How many companies, for example, train the HR department?  Arguably, as every crisis affects people, specifically training the HR team in their unique crisis role would reap significant benefits.  When conducting CMT training, we typically start by asking how many people in the room have ‘crisis’ or ‘emergency’ in their job title.  No hands up.  But those same people are expected to manage complex and potentially company-saving events without the benefit of function-related crisis training.

As you review your crisis training programme, critically assess the balance of training given to the centralised team versus that given to key functions.  You may find that it would be more efficient on time and to your budget to arrange shorter and more closely-focused training for smaller functional groups.

CrisisVR Functional e-learning

CrisisVR provides CMT-function e-learning courses for self study.  Administrative support, HR, communications and logistics are examples of the courses available to special order and to include your company branding, terminology and procedures.  We also offer online and face-to-face training for the CMT as a group and Crisis Leadership training for the C-suite.

We are late!!

For those who have pre-ordered the Travel Safety e-learning course, we are sorry that we are late making this available.  Our ambition to have the course online by end of March was not matched by the days left on the calendar.  We are working hard to fix this and we expect to make the announcement very soon.

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