Crisis Communications

In Virtual Reality, you will:

  • Deliver a statement to the news media
  • Participate in a press conference
  • Experience the ruthless pursuit of a story and manage difficult encounters

Company official spokespersons are rarely in the right location at the time of greatest need. In the ‘golden hours’ after a major incident, companies turn to front-line managers and agents to face the news media. This Crisis Communications course is designed for those front-line staff; the people we rely on to provide quality information, confidently and with authority until other resources can be deployed.

    This course reflects the reality of communications in the modern era. CrisisVR has worked with internationally renowned communications expert, John Bailey. Using his first-hand experience of multiple real crises, John has prepared a programme that will lead delegates step-by-step to understand the techniques for communicating effectively when under extreme pressure.

    Using archive films, photographs and real examples, the training includes:

    • Job of the media; how they work
    • Preparing for the interview
    • Key messages
    • Do’s and don’ts when talking to the media
    • Non-verbal communications

    CrisisVR has an exclusive partnership with Virtual Speech to provide the technical support that is required to provide cutting-edge and technical service support.

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    "The Virtual reality really helps you to experience attitudes, emotions, places and situations that are difficult to replicate in normal training."

    John Bailey – Experienced Crisis Communications Professional

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