CrisisVR is a pioneering training service that enables students to manage crisis situations using a Virtual Reality environment.

A Third View – German Floods – July 2021

In mid-July, there was a flood disaster in the west of Germany after heavy storms, which not only tragically cost numerous lives but also brought to light some elementary weaknesses in German disaster control. Germany is probably only a representative example of a general weakness in communication chains and leadership control.

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A Third View – Ryanair forced landing into Minsk

A Third View This occasional series offers three perspectives on aviation incidents. Kerstin Mumenthaler, provides the operational view from the cockpit and considers human factors, John Bailey examines the communications aspects and Jerry Allen draws conclusions on...

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Crisis Management Exercises – Holding an Online Event

Rehearsals are everything I was recently charged with organising an online crisis management exercise.  The 4-hour event was for 50 company staff, with 4 breakout groups and comprised a refresher-training element, main exercise and debrief. This article is the...

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AeroInside Magazine Interview

Jerry Allen, Director CrisisVR, was recently interviewed by AeroInside Magazine and shared his thoughts on training, crisis management and the aviation industry. What is your mission? What problem does CrisisVR solve for your clients? The CrisisVR mission is...

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Keep it Simple, Safety! Lessons from the Flight Deck

Kerstin at CrisisVR reminded us all recently of the essentials of emergency preparation. As a commercial airline pilot with 6000 hours experience, she has had her full share of both emergency training and experience of the real thing. Simplicity and safety go...

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What does a Crisis Management Team do?

The title of this newsletter may appear a little naïve. Everyone reading this of course knows what a CMT does, don’t we? Or maybe we know the ‘purpose’ or ‘mission’ of a CMT without digging deeper into its tasks. Jerry was sorting through some of his old papers (yes,...

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Training, who needs training?

Functional v Centralised. Next week we are training the Administration and Logistics Support staff of a company Crisis Management Team (CMT). Despite the current de-centralised working arrangements and related pressures, this particular company has not relaxed its...

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Travel Safety

Precious adventures to foreign cities, exotic markets and shimmering glacial lakes have been replaced with walks around the village, visits to the local farm-shop and gazing at ducks on the pond.

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